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The Z to A of SUCCESS - The Art of Thinking Backwards This Life Transforming Book will introduce you to a logical system  of different thinking and effective behaviour that will enable you to  Become The Best at Being Who You Really Are.


About Us

The two founders and Managing Partners of Changeworld are Steve Goodman and Tony Ericson.   We have worked together in two previous consulting organisations since 1992

 To refresh your memory we have made a succinct  3 minute Video for you

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For Others?

Our learning from the last 25 years has crystallised into the ChangeWORLD tool sets described here.  

These practical and cost effective tools were originally developed to deliver exceptional value for money to our own Clients.

Now we are offering them  for use by

They can also provide valuable insights for

To find out more, and to discuss possible training and support, please contact us

These are new ideas whose time has come.

There is much more detail available to you on the ChangeWORLD  Knowledge website - now available only on request


And now we have written  a book for you

The Z to A of  SUCCESS

To share directly with you as much as possible of the powerful methodologies and very different thinking that  have been part of our ChangeWORLD services - and everything we have learned to make the very best use of them on the way.

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