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Is this another area where our schooling system has let us all down?

Have we all been over-instructed of the importance of precision and exactness in our calculations and investigations?  How often do we hear News Reporters asking “But what exactly is the figure?”

We have lost count of the business leaders who have told us that they “Probably have a problem but are waiting for the Accounts/ a detailed Analysis/ a Market Survey” - or some other detail.  We lost count because we lost sight - they went broke or were fired.

We have been impressed so many times by innovative, energetic Competitively Strong business leaders who, without large quantities of exact figures, have an immediate grasp of the “shape” of a few key business indicators.

 These are people who have learned how to  use Process to  visualise and speedily test simplified analyses to make good quality decisions -fast.

Our  Changeability model shows us that a core capability is Knowing What is Happening.

This does not mean just collecting masses of facts, or rushing around chattering with everybody, or setting up reviews, or  any of the other distractive (and too often avoidance centred) activities favoured by too many managers and leaders.  It  means understanding - making judgements - assessing situations and opportunities.  It is an active process not a passive one.

It means focusing on the things that might prevent  or assist a required Outcome.  It means disregarding distractions and evasions.  It means being able to make decisions on incomplete information, sometimes only fragmentary data.

 Well, not any more.  We have developed an approach that enables anyone with application, focus and self-discipline to acquire these capabilities within months, not years.  This approach delivers the ability to Make Effective Decisions rapidly.

Our approach combines the advanced interpersonal Discovery Skills described on the Finding Out page and rigorous and robust Process Tools with which to deploy them..

Here are some of the Process Tools that have been developed to help you learn how to Make Effective Decisions Fast


It demands well developed capabilities in being able to sort what you need to know from what it would be nice to know.  

This has, up to now, been the territory where “Only Experience can Give You This” - where we have all had to blunder on learning as well as we can from our accidents and successes.