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The Z to A of SUCCESS - The Art of Thinking Backwards This Life Transforming Book will introduce you to a logical system  of different thinking and effective behaviour that will enable you to  Become The Best at Being Who You Really Are.



Welcome to “The Excellence Quartet" of ChangeWORLD Blogs

The articles in each of these blogs have different themes but with the common purpose of promoting the cause of Excellence as the key to prosperity.  Each of the four blogs has a new article each month using a recent business/financial topic to highlight different perspectives and conclusions from those obtained through conventional thinking and analysis techniques.  We are in an age where truly the Emperor Has No Clothes and where, if we do not learn how to see clearly what is there to be seen, we shall suffer unnecessary and avoidable disaster.

We hope you find these enjoyable, thought provoking and stimulating.  Don’t hesitate to let is know what you think.

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