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Competitive Strength  from Excellence delivers strong growth, increased turnover, higher margins, more profits, increased customer satisfaction, market leadership, industry domination  and outstanding success.

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Changeability is the key to Transformation of  Performance to deliver massive Competitive Strength

Research shows clearly that the truly excellent organisations Decided to Act.  They all made the same decision. They decided that they wanted to be Excellent and set out to be better than anyone else.

The research by Dr Vinod Singhal of 600 Excellence Award winners compared to a peer group of another 600 over a 10 year period proved that they exhibited massive Comparative Competitive Strength compared to the rest.

We define Competitive Strength as having two dimensions

How capable a business is compared with those that want to beat it


How capable it is of mitigating the impact of those forces out there that can cause it to be beaten

Competitive Strength comparison is a NEW IDEA

It provides a DIFFERENT insight into why some businesses survive whilst others suddenly fail.

It shows why some Mergers & Acquisitions are much more risky than conventional analysis forecasts.

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The Competitive Strength Report

Business and Commercial version “At A Glance” Introduction HERE

CSRAtAGlance Comparative COMPETITIVE STRENGTH - a radical NEW Concept.   No other analysis reveals so much, so deep and so fast