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Transformation of Performance

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Why Transformation? –  The economic turbulence of the 21st Century demonstrates the reality of the scope and complexity of the challenges that we face.  Working harder or even working smarter/leaner will be not be enough.  

Transformation of performance to levels we may find difficult to envisage currently will become a minimum requirement for us all.

A “Bit Better Than Average” is now a strictly temporary and precarious position

Purpose -  Research shows clearly that the truly excellent organisations all made the same decision. They decided that they wanted to be Excellent and set out to be better than anyone else. They set themselves a clear Purpose.

So the first essential step is to make this key decision – the Decision to Act, clear and unconditional, that things are going to be different.

Transformation through People  - Managerial and behavioural values and competences of the people are the main differentiator of whether over time an organisation will substantially outperform and successfully withstand unpleasant surprises. Therefore only people can transform the performance of organisations.

Transformation of Personal Performance is the only sure path to Transformation of Organisational Performance.

Exceptional Performance. - Attempting to achieve a different result using the same thinking, decision making and implementation process is unlikely to transform performance.

Out Performing organisations act differently, talk differently because they think differently to the rest.

Exceptional Performers obtain massive Competitive Strength - because they have sustained Changeability

Our Client asked us to help his team raise their performance by 10%.  We refused - “Sorry, it is not enough to justify our fees”, we said.

Suddenly their owner demanded Growth  - 400% over 4 years!  The Client was back on the phone fast.

“Now we can help”, we said.  They achieved 200% in the 2 years before a different goal was required.

Implementation - Why does it seem so difficult for so many?

Our “Life on Mars, Death on Earth” video will show you, see it HERE